About me

I am Martin Heuschober born 1984 in Linz (Austria), went to Vienna in 2003 to study Mathematics. During my studies I learnt a lot, including LaTeX, Mathematica, some Java and a bit of Python. In 2009 I stumbled upon the wikipedia article on Haskell, the programming language I now love. In order to lean more about functional programming I, became a member of the “Lambdaheads”, a group of people interested in functional programming, which I now have the honour of organizing.

I finished my studies in April 2013, with a thesis in the section of differential geometry, probability theory, data analysis and algebraic topology with the help of my supervisor Dr. Stefan Haller. In September 2014 I moved to Marseille for two months, which I will never forget. After a this experience I came back to Austria looking for a flat and a job - which I found.

I have worked as a 2nd level support for terna which included some programming in Javex (a bastard child of Java and RPG 400), Java, C#, JScript and SQL. I also had the pleasure of mentoring two new colleagues.

Now I work at T-Systems Austria as a full time Haskell developer and learning some JavaScript as well.

In my spare time I enjoy meeting friends, occasionally play boardgames, learn more about programming, practise Feldenkrais when the time allows it, cook and hopefully write a blog ;-).

You can find my work and other stuff at: